Terms of participating in theAffiliate Program with Pasa24.com

Both parties undertake to make an agreement with the following details:
1. These Terms and Conditions of Pasa24.com and affiliate program participants are not intended to, or have any objective to, enter into an agreement in order to commit or engage in joint venture businesses with an intention to share the profits or for joint venture benefits.

2. The participants who enter into an agreement with Pasa24.com should guarantee that their websites will not have the following content:

2.1. Sexual or violent contents.

2.2. Material contravening the moral, cultural and traditional customs of the country.

2.3. Material supporting illegal activities in either civil or criminal sections.

2.4. Material violating intellectual property rights or the rights of other people or entities.

Finally, our affiliate websites must not be currently involved in any civil or criminal court proceedings in which a third party is pursuing legal action against the website.

3. Pasa24.com has the right to refuse, change, increase or reduce any of the particular types of services to the participant at any time, without notice or without giving any reason to the participant.

4. When Pasa24.com receives further details on service orders from the participant, the company will be the supplier and will collect the service fee which is payable by the customer in respect of the purchase order.

5. The participant agrees to collect and store all of the information regarding purchase orders made via the participant’s website with Pasa24.com and will share these data with Pasa24.com to establish a trading record.

6. The participant shall agree that the person who orders goods through the participant’s website is the customer of Pasa24.com, so all policies and conditions about the purchase of services shall depend on Pasa24.com, and these policies and conditions can be amended at any time.

7. Pasa24.com shall provide information about the services, including all amendments to information about goods and services, so that all participants are able to present the details on their websites.

8. The participants agree to perform in accordance with any suggestions or messages that are sent by Pasa24.com which provide details for all services from this website to ensure that all information is complete, up-to-date and interesting for visitors.

9. The participant shall maintain the website and update it appropriately as well as update all information about products and services. A banner on the website of the participant must be maintained at all times. In addition, the intellectual property of Pasa24.com and others must not be violated.

10. Both parties shall agree that Pasa24.com will pay the 5% maximum commission to the participant for each of the services supplied by Pasa24.com after Pasa24.com has received all payments from the customers. Pasa24.com will pay the agreed commission to the participant to the bank account that the participant opened, with a minimum payment of 1,000 baht. However, the participant shall be responsible for the fees and the income withholding tax.

11. These terms and conditions shall be effective from the date that the participant clicks the "Conditions accepted" button.

12. Pasa24.com has the right to amend any terms and conditions at any time at their discretion by posting new terms on the Pasa24.com website.

13. Pasa24.com will not be responsible for any damages arising if the participant does not perform as stipulated in the terms and conditions or as notified by Pasa24.com.

14. The participant has a duty to support and promote the services as well as protect the benefits in trading or any other actions for the benefit of Pasa24.com.

15. If the participant neglects or fails to comply with all or part of the terms mentioned in this agreement, Pasa24.com has the right to terminate the agreement immediately without paying any compensation to the participant directly or indirectly.

16. In the case where a document considered to be a part of this agreement is found to be contradictory, or in the case where further consideration is necessary to interpret the agreement, or document deemed to be a part of the agreement, both parties agree to hold the opinion of Pasa24.com as final and conclusive.

17. This agreement is effective in accordance with Article 11 of this agreement until such time as either party terminates the agreement by sending notification in writing to the other party not less than 30 days prior to the termination. In the case that Pasa24.com terminates the agreement, Pasa24.com has the right to terminate the trading contact or any actions with the participant after the company has informed or notified the participant, or provided the right to terminate the agreement, etc.

When the terms mentioned in the above paragraph are terminated, the debts from one party, if any, shall be completely paid to the other party.