Terms and Warranty Policy


Terms and warranty policy from Pasa24.com

1. Customers will receive the best translation services no matter how big or small the job, urgent or not urgent, according to the availability of our translators, their prices, and the proposed deadline.

2. Customers can ask/talk directly with translators about the translation work through our Pasa24.com system during the bidding period, the work-in-progress period, and after the submission date, to ensure 100% satisfaction.

3. Customers have the ability to track their work through the Pasa24.com system to monitor the progress of the translation project.

4. Customers have the right to ask for the correction of their work without restriction, and have the right to complain to the translators if they find any inappropriate problems in the translation itself or in our translation services.

5. Customers have the right to cancel their translation jobs if translators do not perform their translation in accordance with the policies of Pasa24.com. The translation jobs can then be reopened for bidding.

6. Customers have the right to ask for a refund if the work reopened for bidding cannot be completed on time because the first translator was unable to perform the work as stipulated in the agreement.

7. If a translator cannot complete the work on time, the customer may of course choose to extend the deadline according to the translator’s request in cases where the customer considers the translator’s request reasonable and wishes to continue working with the same translator.

All our customers who visit Pasa24.com and use our services are highly valued, and as such, we sincerely undertake to perform to the best of our ability as an online translation market to provide the services that you deserve in a secure and confidential manner.

Who are translators in our system?


Translators who are approved to translate documents for the Pasa24.com system are people who have graduated in any kind of language field. Also included are people who graduated in biochemistry, physics, engineering, etc. In addition, they have translation experience as well as a love of working in the translation field. All of our freelance translators are both domestic and international translators, and we have steadily increasing numbers of freelance translators joining us every day who are ready to bid for and receive the uploaded work of customers through our system 24 hours a day. Therefore, a work bid by the translator is a guarantee that the translator is genuinely able to do the job. Through our network of qualified translators, customers are guaranteed to receive quality work from our 24-hours ready-to-work translators. That"s why urgent projects can also be accepted by the freelance translators in our system.