Research Translation Service



Research translation service

Research is an important process in the development of individual academic skills and increasing the wealth of knowledge for society. It is also a way to learn about scientific phenomena and gain insight into problems to find new ways to further personal knowledge and for the good of humanity. If you are looking for a team to translate your research, offers a team with the expertise and high quality service to translate it. We can assist and provide services to increase your knowledge from research studies so that you can understand in detail.

We understand that research in various fields is very important for the development of the country, so would like to be a part of supporting positive national change. We stand ready and available for document translations, in both Thai and English, for international publications.

Our translators have various educational backgrounds and experience, which we believe increases the skills and knowledge we can make available to our customers. You will be able to review their backgrounds and qualifications before approving work on any job.

Ordering translation services with is fast and convenient. Just follow the easy instructions below:

  1. Upload required files, supporting many formats including pictures (jpg/bmp/png) and text (pdf/doc/docx/.exl).
  2. After translators offer prices and time for completion of work, you can view their backgrounds and qualifications, including example of previous completed work, before selecting the translator you want.
  3. We have various payment methods available for added convenience.
  4. Communicate and follow up on the status of your work with translators directly, including cancelling the work if it is not completed by the translator on time and to your specifications.
  5. Ability to provide suggestions for additional revisions to your work up to completion.